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March 25, 2022, for July 2022 delivery.

“ No doubt Mega Slide was a huge hit. Definitely have to add a second lane next year.”

Rob L., OH

All the details

One BIG attraction

Super Mega Ride-n-Slide is a BIG attraction with lanes up to 150ft. Your guests get a rush of adrenaline as they zoom down the slide.

Save BIG by building with your team

You and your team can build this. We provide engineered, stamped plans for you to follow and match to local codes. Excavation is minimal with our system.

High perceived VALUE

Guests report feeling 'like they are on a roller coaster' when they ride. This value translates into higher prices at your admission gate. Every 2021 installed Mega Slide operator raise admission or added combo tickets. It pays for itself.

Flexible space requirements

We offer different lengths and lanes to fit your space and your business. Each Mega Slide is modular to allow additional slide length or additional lanes to be added later.

Safety is built-in

If might feel like a roller coaster, but it is built without any moving parts. Easy cleaning and maintenance with water resistance materials you may pressure wash.

Coordination & collaboration

Our team facilitates all the international shipping, customs and local freight to your site. You gain access to a collaboration site to connect with other Mega Slide owners for best practices, sharing ideas, pricing discussions and webinars.

Ordering Dates EXTREMELY LIMITED for the 2021-2022 season. Join the video educational course for more details.